I recently bought one pair of Flamingo Varicose veins stockings from a pharmacy in Hwange, Zimbabwe. They are of good use and quality.

Mrs. Sizani Chigumira

I am a 31 year old working woman. I was really worried about the increasing size of my waist line which was a result of less physical activity and sitting on my desk for long hours. After getting to know about the consequences I may suffer due to my overweight, I became desperate to lose that extra flab. Recently, I made a purchase of Flamingo’s Premium Heat Belt. I adopted healthy lifestyle along with using this belt and the results amazed me! It genuinely helped me to reduce the size of my waist and the flab protruding from the sides of my body.

Ms. Anita V.

One of my friends (a doctor by profession) told me that Flamingo is a brand she trusts and recommends to patients suffering from different types of ailments like cervical pain, obesity, etc. I told her that I was experiencing a lot of stress and pain in my eyes as I work on computer nearly for 10-12 hours a day. I was curious to know if there is any product that can solve my problem. I was told about Flamingo’s Cool Eyes. Suddenly I purchased it immediately. It’s been one month now and I am a satisfied customer of this easy to use product. Now, my eyes don’t feel stressed out and there is no redness in my eyes anymore. I use this product regularly and recommend it strongly.

Ankur T

The quality of the Flamingo crepe bandage is very good. Since I suffer from arthirits and osteopirosis my joints are very painful so i frequently wear a crepe bandage for support.

Supriya Dasgupta

I am 33 years old and work in an MNC. I have a desk job and there is hardly any time to move around in office. Due to this I started experiencing severe stress and ache in my back. I am a tech-savvy guy and did some research work to find out the remedy for my problem other than medicines and I got to know about Flamingo’s Back Rest. This product is orthopedically designed to provide and enhance the sitting comfort of a person. It gives support to my back and makes me sit in the correct posture that has made me say goodbye to all my back related pain and other problems. Another advantage of this product is that it can be used in office or while driving a car.

Kamal S.

I ordered Flamingo Orthipedic Heat Belt for my mom and it is certainly the most genuine product as compared to others available in the market. My mother is suffering from back pain from last 3-4 years and this heat belt is a great sigh of relief for her. We as an entire family trust only Flamingo products.

Swati Jha
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