Orthopaedic Heat Belt

Orthopaedic Heat Belt

Moist Heat increases blood circulation & speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells & taking away the wastes which may hinder healing. The moist heat produced by this belt transfers the high heat deeper into tissues than an ordinary dry heat.

(For Moist Heat usage, please dip the absorbent sheet into the water, rinse it to avoid driping of water. Spread the sheet on the heating pad & start using it on the afficted area of the body. We suggest use of fabric cover while using for moist heat applications, this will make sure that maximum heat is transferred deep into the body tissue.)

The heating belt can also be used without moist absorbent sheet like a normal heating belt for fomentation.

Auto switch off
Automatic time control
Accurate electronic temp. regulation
Automatic programmable temp. settings
One year Replacement Guarantee.
Digital Controlled Heating System (DCHS)
Digital LCD Display indicates Set temp. & Live temp.

Available in 2 Convenient Size

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